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Opportunities are always left to prepare people, the same is true in business.This year, when domestic motor peers have suffered a sharp drop in orders plight, Chinese companies have gained the good news, the United States, Russia and other foreign orders come in a throng.In 2009, the new standards of European and American market motor efficiency before was not being carried out, large and medium-sized motor will save, R & D super efficient motors and other energy-saving products, advance into the international market, today ushered in the harvest period.

Recently, Jiangsu Dazhong Electric Limited by Share Ltd and Shanghai Baosteel signed a $3000000 premium efficiency motor orders.And after the United States market orders, since the beginning of this year, super efficient motor medium-sized company has won nearly 10 million yuan in order.

Ultra high performance motor is energy saving products and the company in recent years the main, compared with general motors, the efficiency is improved by more than 5%.In 2009, was to improve motor efficiency standards in Europe and America market information, chairman Zhou Qiaolin immediately decided, R & D super high-efficiency motors.In 2010 the company has invested more than 3000 yuan of funds in the development of mold, update test equipment, high efficiency motor series was awarded the United States Department of energy efficiency certificates to the end of the year, just to catch up with the United States to implement the new standards of motor efficiency.Large and medium-sized companies save early upgrade product technology ushered in the return period, the performance of ultra high performance series motor good won the favor of customers at home and abroad, in this year the weak domestic and international market situation, to obtain a large order North American customers.

Technology Development Department of large and medium-sized company responsible person feeling, market amidst the winds of change, if there is no advance technical innovation, then perhaps you will miss opportunities for the development of this round, be out of the market.In addition to ultra high performance motor, large and medium-sized companies also have developed resistance to low temperature, high temperature resistant explosion-proof motor, high-speed motor energy-saving motor, low speed energy-saving motor......Some new products have been recognized by the market, some products are being developed.Last month, Chinese companies signed the first batch of 29 special explosion-proof motor with Russian customer orders.The product is the introduction of advanced technology of refined oil transmission pipeline pump motor, independent innovation R & D of natural gas transportation dedicated cooling tower fan motor, made in 2011, the Russian explosion-proof certificate, suitable for outdoor -40 ℃ to -60 ℃ environment, a domestic motor industry pioneer.It is reported, at present our country motor generally applies only to the -20 environment.

At high fields, large and medium-sized company also repeatedly breakthrough.High temperature electric the company developed in April this year, through the relevant testing state of refractory material and equipment testing center, can be in an environment of high temperature 300 ℃, 2 hours of work, widely used in tunnel, subway, shopping malls and other crowded security field.To obtain the relevant certificate, Singapore, India, Australia and other foreign orders have been sent, this month, this product only in order to usher in the two batch.

According to introduction, large and medium-sized company has been fully open foreign markets, products throughout the United States, Germany, Britain, Finland, South Africa and so on more than 30 countries and regions, exports this year is expected to reach 400000000 yuan.Large and medium-sized company advanced research and development of new pace will continue, is expected to transform and update in two or three years the company will invest 100 million yuan, the introduction of process technology, high precision, automatic production equipment, to improve product quality, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency.