From the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp was informed, the group of 712 developed China's first MW-class HTS Motors, recently in Beijing by the Ministry of science and technology project acceptance.This indicates that China already has a MW level, design and manufacture of high temperature superconducting motor ability, become the few master the HTS electric organkeyOne of the national technology。

It is understood, high temperature superconductor with zero resistance at low temperatures, the current-carrying capacity is far superior to the ordinary copper wire, has the advantages of light weight, small volume, high efficiency, low noise, easy maintenance, flexible operation, stand-alone capacity etc..High temperature superconducting motor technology is one of the application of new materials, new methods, new technology of multidisciplinary high-tech, with the continuous development of high temperature superconducting materials, superconducting motor technology will achieve the engineering application, produce significant economic and social benefits。

The 712 Research Institute of the Ministry of the 863 project "1000kW HTS Motors" development, in 2012 July through the technology acceptance of Ministry of science and technology, October has been engaged in superconducting applications through the years, is the earliest in the superconducting motor research unit.In 2008, the Department of the Ministry of science and technology for project acceptance。

According to the introduction, 712 breaks through the key technology of high temperature superconducting motor, multiple condition testing has been completed prototype, technical indicators have reached the design requirements, stable operation of motor and low temperature system, the indicators have reached the international advanced level